Monday, February 15, 2010

Writing Class- Comments and Posting

The questions that I’ve posted have generated some positive feedback, but they have also generated some frustration. It can be frustrating for me when I’m seeking to open a discussion and I don’t get much response. I can also understand that no one is obligated to respond and, if someone doesn’t want to engage in a conversation, then being asked even more questions can be frustrating to them. I’m open to thoughts on a different approach.

My youth pastor asks deep questions every Sunday morning and Wednesday night. I like them because they make me think and I figured they would be great conversation starters for the blogs. My goal was to start dialogue about the aspects of our faith that stir the most interest and passion in our group. The questions were meant to give examples of aspects that motivate other believers. My intention was not to limit the discussion to only these topics. I did not expect any one person to have passion around all topics, nor did I intend to force someone into sharing insights about their faith beyond their comfort level. I’m open to taking a different approach to starting conversations, but I’m hoping we can be bloggers that go beyond the superficial. What thoughts do you all have about the purpose of the blog or how we can communicate better?

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