Saturday, October 9, 2010

What Is Your Fire?

Everyone has that little calling in ministry, whether it's a heart for homeless people, a passion to teach children, or a zeal for maintaining the church property. A striving Christian will recognize this gift in his or her heart. Where is yours? I recognize where my fire is directed to. I have a strong passion for martyrs and the Underground Church. I love to read of Richard Wurmbrand, or other heroic believers who were willing to, or who did, surrender their physical lives for Christ.

In my small but striving inter-city church, I recognize many pursued passions from fellow brethren. One couple started a computer lab, which is open to teach people in the community how to use computers, which is handy for job applications, among other tasks. Two men has a combined passion for homeless people, and have started a ministry that feeds fifty to sixty homeless or poverty-stricken people on Mondays. One young woman, a close friend of mine, has a passion for worship that usually leads her to other churches to lead their worship services. One elderly man has such a heart of servitude that he voluntarily painted the entire second floor of church, by hand, and by himself. Another friend, my closest, has a strong passion for evangelism, and is a skilled apologist, whom I have seen communicate clearly and effectively with lost people. I myself have witnessed this friend lead six or seven people to Christ. One lady used to be on staff, but the church could not afford to pay her for her many long hours and hard dedication, and yet she still continues to volunteer her time to be the children's ministry leader! My pastor, even with all the long, hard hours he puts into working at church, started a photography ministry, an area he is very skilled in and has a passion for.

I am surrounded by strong brothers and sisters in Christ! My church, though it may only have a hundred attendees, is filled with active Jesus Freaks who lead their own ministries. A special attribute of my church is the rule that if you have an idea for a ministry, event, or anything else, you are in charge of it. This is a spectacular way to get the church body involved. If you want to do something, you don't have to wait. You can start doing it!

So what about you? What can you do for God? If you are skilled with bicycles and live in a city dominated by university students, perhaps you can start a bicycle repair shop to minister to the students in your city. Or if you have a passion for sewing and live in a northern state, perhaps you can start a ministry to clothe the homeless people when winter comes. Or if you have art skills, why not volunteer to make posters for church events, or even paint rooms with a beautiful design? And if you enjoy to spend hours upon hours online or playing video games, it may be time to ask someone at church if you can run sound or EasyWorship (the slide show system) at church.

There are an endless amount of possibilities out there, and each church has needs. Find out where to plug in and get active! When Paul wrote about spiritual gifts, he wasn't only saying Christians would have emotional or spiritual skills; he meant we would have physical skills, too. So figure out what you are good at (or could be good at, with a little practice), and start working!


LeaningOnHim said...

God's calling is one of my favorite topics. When people begin talking of their passions, their faces light up and you can really tell that that is what they are all about, that that is what God is leading them toward.

This is a great call to get Christians to begin working, and that we don't have to wait until we've graduated. God can work with us right now!

Thanks for the post. It really reminded me that as I have a huge focus on the lost and the unsaved, I also need to pay as much attention to the Church. As a community of believers, we can help one another with our passions and talents. As you read on my blog, my passion is really fighting for the unborn and helping women by telling them the truth and giving them counsel. That is the biggest call God has placed on my life. But, like your pastor, I've been told I have a knack for photography. Perhaps God is opening a door in that avenue as well, something that can support me financially while I can't get a full-time job, or even something that can minister to others while I am unable to open a crisis pregnancy center in my current position in life.

Oh, by the way, have you ever read "Jesus Freaks" by dcTalk? There are 2 books, both about people who have died and suffered for the faith in history. I'd greatly recommend it for you if you haven't already read them. They are truly inspiring!

In Christ,

LoVizzle said...

Thanks for that awesome feedback! I'm stoked you left such a long and encouraging comment! A blogger needs these types of comments every once and a while.

And funny story about Jesus Freaks, I've read them both, and the other two by dc Talk. But the two Jesus Freak books were what made me truly start to live for Jesus, even though I had been a proclaimed Christian for six years. God used those two books to show me what a real Christian looked like, and what my mindset as a Christian should be. It changed every aspect of my life in an incredible journey. It was the boulder that started the ripples and splashes in my life, if you follow.