Friday, November 5, 2010

Get The Rush

Skydiving. Flying. Skating. Riding an ostrich. Swim in a shark tank. Climb Mount Everest. White water rafting. Parasailing. These are all some of the most exciting things to do. But what's the most exciting thing? What can we do every single time that will give us a rush of excitement or emotion? It's true; some people can skydive a thousand times before that high gets old. And swimming in a shark tank is sure to usher in a heart attack quicker than anything else. But if you do something so many times, it will certainly get old. Just ask the Super Bowl quarterbacks who win the big one, then never even get close again. Why? Because their hunger was quelled by winning it all. They won it once, and didn't have to win it the same way a ring-less quarterback would chase after one.

Then what's the most dependable rush of excitement? It may sound weird, but the answer is a book. Sixty-six books, to be exact. These books compile to make the Bible. As weird as it may sound, it's true. There has to be a reason it's the most-sold book of all time. God loves to speak to us in quiet, still ways, and what is more stationary than words? The Word of God never moves, in the sense of true movement, as in they never hop up and walk off the page the same way a bug might. But the Word moves its readers in a way nothing ever has. No book has ever cried me to cry more, shout more, scream more, or jump more.

It's the rush, the urge, the energy that floods my veins that makes me desire God to no end. Of course, this particular high will ebb when I choose to neglect God's Word. But I always come back. Why? Because I remember God's promises written to me in the Bible. I remember how powerful and life-giving and radical God's words are. The feeling I get when I read what God wrote to me is unlike anything else. It's better than being a start on the team. It's better than knowing the cute girl likes me. It's better than being loved by everyone at school or church. It's better than drowning myself in a world of music. It's better than anything! Reading of God's love is just simply the best thing to do.


Ashley said...

LoVizzle! I thought you dropped of the face of the blogging earth. Okay. I missed your posts. :)

This is very encouraging. Thanks for reminding me that God's Word really is a living thing...sharper than any two edged sword. :)

LeaningOnHim said...

Very, very well written! A wake-up to those of us who struggle to hop into the Word every day. I remember the times when it was a rush for me when God would reveal something to me. It still is, but because I have not been in the Word, I have not been listening to His voice. Thank you for the reminder. I crave that rush, and it's only by drawing closer that I can feel that again.

Thank you for the post!

thedudewholikescake said...

Hey Logan, I agree with Ashley. I mean, I see you all the time, but you never post anymore. By the way, great post.