Thursday, May 20, 2010

Doing Hard Things

Last summer, I read the popular Christian book Do Hard things by brothers Alex and Brett Harris. It was a book that called out teenagers who lived apathetic and uncaring lives. It discredited the theory that the teenage years are years for partying and fun. It called teenagers to spend their teenage years working for God. It got me thinking: What exactly could be accomplished if teenagers took their teenage years seriously and lived for God instead of themselves? I didn't exactly know what could result in that. America would certainly have a more mature, confident, and experienced generation of Christians. I personally didn't want to waste my teenage years, so I committed myself even more to Jesus. Do Hard Things made me want to do something huge for God. I figured school was a good place to start.

Fast forward several months. Things at school weren't going well. I myself had tried as hard as I could to do something big for God at school, but nobody was receiving me very well. In hindsight, my focus was too much on ME doing something big for God. It should have been trying to do the little things for God. The best way to begin making an impact is to do the little things exceptionally well. For example, would it be better to organize a massive praise concert or city-wide Christian youth conference, or to learn to serve around the house, at church, and at school, and to treat everyone nicely and lovingly? I personally would find it more beneficiary to do the small things well than doing one large thing well.


thedudewholikescake said...

Wow dude that's inspiring: ) no really it's awesome that you've committed to not wasting your life living for yourself instead of God.

Great post( Even though I only read half of it).

LoVizzle said...

Thanks a lot, T.D.W.L.C.!

I just found it MUCH more satisfying and joyous to try to live every day for and with Jesus. I always feel dirty and unworthy when live or act just for me.