Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Mighty Warriors

Have you ever seen Mighty Ducks? Me neither. What about King David's Mighty Warriors? After I finished 2 Kings, I kept going through 1 Chronicles. I skipped the first ten chapters (hey, it's ten chapters solely of genealogies), but the following chapters are awesome. You can check these guys out in 1 Chronicles 11:10-12:38.

The three leaders of the Mighty Warriors, the Three, were unbelievable dudes. One killed three hundred guys with one spear, in one encounter. Another was a key warrior in a battle won against all odds. Another Mighty Warrior, Benaiah, killed two of Moab's best fighters. Benaiah also killed a lion in the snow. And he also killed a seven and a half foot tall Egyptian, with the Egyptian's own spear. Wow. Check him out!

One notible on the list of Mighty Warriors as Uriah the Hittite, whom we all know as the husband King David had killed so he could bed his wife, Bathsheba.

 So while there may not be anything "deep" or "moving" or "inspiring" about this post, the boy in me just had to share the exploits of these ridiculous warriors. Seriously, go check them out in 1 Chronicles! You need to!


Ashley said...

*happy sigh* Ahhh, a post.

The Bible is so full of really amazing stories. Sometimes it reads like a novel. For real!

Ashley said...

Oh by the way, I got hired. Sorry...*shrug* Hate to disappoint ya (seeing as you wanted me to apply there and all). You'll have to give me the Logan version of the "Chick-Fil-A for Dummies" manual. ;p I'll need it. And the smaller the sentences the better.

It was funny, I went to Zaxbys right after. Heh. Not much of a Chick-Fil-A fan. Don't tell my boss though.

WOW! I just rambled. My b.

LoVizzle said...

I can't give you any advice; Gallatin CFA has some different rules than Hendersonville so you'll have to learn it all yourself. Sorry! :/

Ashley said...

Oh man! Some help you are...*rolls eyes*