Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Freedom to Dream

This past week, I've really felt close to God. I've been reading Chazown by Craig Groeschel. As many times as I have praised this book before, I cannot help but repeat my love for it. I've been reading the section where Craig describes how to find my Chazown. To give a short review, Craig has already had me match up my past experiences (good and bad), core values, and spiritual gifts to see what Chazown (vision, dream) God created me to live out. One of my favorite parts is when Craig wrote, "So give yourself freedom to dream! Let your dream overtake you. You were created one of a kind by God to show His love in a one-of-a-kind way to this world." God's given me a dream. Because of this book, I've discovered the vision God created me to accomplish. It blows me away to think that God predestined me for a specific, detailed dream, a dream that He created me specifically to live out, a dream that is mine to fulfill or ruin. I remember what Lady Galadrael told Frodo in Return of the King, "This is your burden to bear, Frodo Baggins. If you can't carry it, no one can."

My Chazown is mine, and God has fully equiped me to carry it out. My past experiences, my spiritual gifts, my core values, and the Holy Spirit are my weapons of warfare to daily live out my God-ordained dream.

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Ashley said...

Uh, you got me curious now. Lol.

But, I did need to hear that. I think I'm tempted to think that if I'm following my dreams, I'm not listening to God and doing what I want to do.

Sounds like an awesome book too...