Friday, January 28, 2011

We Offer All

I love to worship. I love to sing, sometimes even dance. On Sunday mornings at church, worship tends to bore me, but when there's a big youth worship service, it is so much fun to worship and praise God! My friend David's older sister, Danya, has her own band and when they lead worship, it is such an awesome experience! I love to listen to Hillsong, because their albums always bring peace, contentment, and such joy into me that I can't help but worship Jesus! Recently, a new Hillsong band formed, called Hillsong Chapel. Their first album, Yahweh, is a collection of some of Hillsong's most prominent songs turned acoustic. The fun electric guitars are replaced by acoustic guitars and soft, worshipful music.

Worship, though, is not confined to singing. I worship through prayer, through my thoughts and action, through reading my Bible, through being involved at church, through this blog. For me, singing is just a passionate vocalization of my faith, love, and trust in God. I love to sing as loud as I can to songs that I feel in my heart. I can't think of anything better to do than worship God! I love a good, passionate worship service. Why? Because God wants me to worship. God designed me to worship. Worship makes me feel close to him. I feel loved and wanted when I worship. I feel valuable and like His son when I worship. Worship is a beautiful reminder of the freedom, forgiveness, and redemption God gave me at the cross.

The reason I love Hillsong is their lyrics are so simple, so powerful that I cannot ignore them. They remind me of Psalms. See why in the chorus of the One Who Saves, "We have found our home, we have found our peace, we have found our rest, in the One who loves, He will light the way, He will lead us home, as we offer all, to the One who saves us."