Friday, October 7, 2011

Pray for baby Justice! Pray for Karla!

I need you to pray for baby Justice Micah Perry. The son of my youth pastor and his wife, Justice was born one week ago, on Friday, September 30th. The next day, he was rushed into open heart surgery. He comes from a line of people with major heart issues, and we all expected him to have problems as well. It turns out that his medical problems are worse that we ever imagined. Long story short, one side of his heart doesn't work. He's currently hooked up to dozens of tubes at Vanderbilt. They didn't close his chest after the surgery because they wanted to put a pacemaker in him after a few days. A couple days later, they tried and it didn't work, so they decided to just close him up. In the process, Justice's heart shut down and they had to do CPR to revive him. They hooked him up to a ECMO machine, a machine that basically is acting as Justice's heart right now. So they decided to wait two days before trying again. They tried again this morning and it didn't work. At the moment I'm writing this, the latest report his parents gave say that Justice is still on the ECMO. The thing is that the longer he is on the ECMO and the longer his chest is open, the more challenging it will be. Right now, the doctors don't know what to do. They asked us to pray for discernment and wisdom in decision-making, so I'm asking all of you to do that. And pray for Justice's heart, that it would get strong, and pray for Justice's family.

But that isn't the only member of that family in the hospital. Karla, my youth pastor's wife's cousin, was rushed to the ER yesterday. A few months ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has undergone chemo, lost her hair, and is struggling with being sick with cancer. But she has had several seizures unexpectedly this week, so they took her to the ER. They have since discovered either a tumor or giant blood clot in her heart. She is scheduled for open heart surgery at 7AM tomorrow (10/8). She's only in her 40s.

Satan's been at work. Our enemy never sleeps, and we're seeing the results of that. There's been a lot of spiritual warfare taking place this week. But our God is at work too.

There is just shy of 1,000 people who have joined a Facebook group for Justice. If each one of those persons tells their whole family and two friends about Justice, we're looking at upwards of 5,000 people who know of and are praying for Justice. I want to encourage you in that. The church of America may be a mess, but the Church of Jesus Christ, our risen Savior, is uniting right now for Justice and for Karla. Our hope is not lost as long as those two people draw breathe and as long as we pray! Join with the hundreds upon hundreds who are praying! Stand with us! Pick up your spiritual weapons and fight back!

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Ashley said...

That poor family!