Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Stop what you're doing and pray for baby Justice! They're trying to take him off ECMO this morning but the doctors are beginning to lose hope. Justice doesn't have long if they can't get him off the ECMO. But our hope isn't in Justice's strength or in the doctors; it's in Christ Jesus. I believe God is simply taking the chance that man can save him out of the equation so God can awesomely show off. Pray that with me! Pray for a miracle, pray for hope, pray for comfort for his family, and pray God will use this baby's life to show everyone that He alone is God.

And an update on Karla: She is supposed to go home today. She had open heart a few days ago to remove a massive clot in her heart. That has gone smoothly and well so far. But she is in a lot of pain and still has breast cancer to fight. But because of the open heart surgery, she can't resume chemo for a few months now. She really needs prayer. And if you could also pray for her family; she has several younger mischievous children who need to let Karla rest and who need to serve their sick mother and give her their attention; pray they will do so.

(If you're unfamiliar with Justice's or Karla's situation, please click here to view one of my posts to find out.)

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