Saturday, April 9, 2011

Caked Up In Make Up

In light of the Lecrae concert last night, I just really felt led to share a verse from his song Identity. 

"Got her hair done, toes and nails, is that her? Well it's hard to tell, cause she's so caked up in all that make up, it's like she's tryin' make up for what she ain't, but she's a saint but so confused, cause she's been rejected by all these dudes, that tell her on a scale of 10 she's a two, but that ain't true if she only knew, in Christ she is loved she secure and accepted, she'll never be rejected by God who's elected her, her beauty is her Godliness, and she ain't gotta try to flaunt it cause it's obvious, identity is found in the God we trust, Any other identity will self destruct."

It's really hard for me to add anything to words of such incredible wisdom. Since most of my followers are girls, I feel this post is particularly important. I know most of my followers are Christian girls, with blogs of their own, but that doesn't mean they, you, aren't apt to fall. Summer is right around the corner. Short shorts, skimpy tank tops, obvious bras... okay, okay. Maybe my followers don't dress like that. Maybe your problem is that your identity is more in your body than your Lord. Maybe you're caked up in all that make up because you're trying to make up for what you ain't.

Many of my friends wouldn't dare leave the house without make up. Furthermore, I know some girls that actually wear so much make up, they are repulsive. Who wants to date a clown, anyway? There really is such a thing as "too pretty." I'd rather be friends with or date a girl who wears make up in modesty because her beauty is her Godliness. If any other identity will self destruct, I want my wife's identity to be in Christ, not her face or body.

So with summer coming, look at your clothes and how much make up you use and ask yourself why you do it. There's nothing wrong with looking cute or pretty (or handsome or good), but if it's your identity, if you can't go without make up, if you have to wear immodest clothes, your identity may be in the wrong place. And even us guys need an identity check. But that's a post for next time.


Shay said...

Good post. I know many girls and women who can't leave the house without makeup...I however wear none, 95% of the time...not because I don't believe in it. I guess the reason I hardly were makeup is that I am comfortable with the face God gave me (no matter how much acne there is on it! lol) and maybe also because I am just too lazy to wake up earlier to mess with it! hahaha.

But yes, I agree with this post and I know for some women it can be a real problem and they can feel insecure and ugly without it. They just don't realize that God made them beautiful just the way they are! =)

Sophie said...

Thanks for the reminder. It really is shocking what girls will wear (or NOT wear) in order to feel beautiful or accepted. I am so blessed to have godly parents who give us high standards, but also explain the why of the standards, so that they become our own!
"Identity is found in God" - my identity should be follower of Christ, with no confusing messages of worldliness.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing this post. It is a great refresher to read words of encouragement on this subject from a guy who actually cares about the hearts of girls rather than the worldly thoughts of guys who objectify females and tell them what they "must" do to be beautiful. Personally, I struggle with wearing make up or rather not wearing it. I'm trying to let go of my fear and let it not be such an issue. It's hard but people like you help!