Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Failure to Pray

I know people who pray for everything. They pray for the president, senators, local schools, friends, entertainment icons, family members, friends, their church, their pastor, everything!

I've got a confession: I'm an awful prayer warrior. But I usually only pray for one person: me. Sure, I pray sometimes for others, when I remember. But I only faithfully pray for me. And in my embarrasement, I shrug it off. After all, God didn't gift me in that area. My excuse was always, "It just isn't my gift." And that's true: God hasn't blessed me with the gift and memory to pray. I'm sure there are some people who have probably prayer warriors since pre-k. But not me. But God did give me the potential to become a prayer warrior.

But first, what is a prayer warrior? Seems to me that it's a church cliche thrown around a lot. I'm not totally sure. I've got a feeling it (obviously) has something to do with prayer, but the word warrior means that a prayer warrior prays quite often and quite deeply. To be honest, I have no clue what a prayer warrior is. At least, I didn't until this morning.

This morning at church, I read something that gave goose bumps. It seemed just for me. In Samuel's farewell address to Israel, he said, "As for me, far be it from me that I should sin against the LORD by failing to pray for you." I think that says it all. "Far be it from me that I should sin against the Lord by failing to pray for you." Wow. That sets the standard. There's the line in the sand. This is the mindset of a prayer warrior. To be a prayer warrior, I have to think like that.

Now I know being a prayer warrior may never be my identity. I don't think God made me to be one. I'm wired for action. Prayer is talking to God, and that in itself is the most effective weapon a Christian has. But maybe I will be like that sometime. Only God knows. I want to be better at praying. Too often, my prayer is awkward, incomplete, misintentioned. And unfortunately, my prayer is too focused on me, or on my schedule and what I have to do today. But my prayers are getting better. I'm learning to just be honest with God and say exactly what I mean. I'm remembering to pray more often, and about more things.

"Pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints." Paul-Ephesians 6:18

P.S., sorry for the lapse in blogging! I've been uninspired this week, and I'm not even satisfied with this post; I just don't know what to write about anymore. I'm downed because of a lack of comments and followers. Plus, the power was out for over 12 hours yesterday and today because of a storm so the internet hasn't been accessible. Thanks for reading!


Essa said...

That was great! I've actually been dealing with the same issue- I have a hard time focusing and taking the time to pray for others. One thing I've learned recently, though is that not very many people will turn you down if you ask if you can pray for them. And then, so I don't forget, I usually do it right there with them. Keep blogging, Brother!

Ashley said...

I thought the post was great :D I do know what you mean about uninspired though.

I haven't done this since I got a new phone last summer, but I used to have a list on the calendar every day of people I said I would pray for, and sometimes specific requests. Now I usually pray for people as they come to mind.
I'm starting to learn myself what prayer should be. An actual, real conversation, not just mumbling something without thought before falling asleep.

Ashley said...

*about being uninspired (I'm having the same problem)

Ashley said...

LoV: I know what you mean! i have found my prayer life lacking in so many ways. And yes, although I believe some people are just more wired for it, I don't believe its a skill we can't learn. We can be taught and sometime hard hours of just learning are in need. I'm speaking to myself here. I hope that you continue to be active and work, but still follow after a wonderful communication with God our Father!

LOGAN! Weren't you just on my blog saying that comments and followers don't matter as long as we are growing and stuff? ;) You have done wonderuflly with this blog adn 36 followers is more than average teens get. Don't be discouraged. You are ministering to others with out even knowing it...like me. SO many of your posts have be encouraging me. Don't get weary in well doing! ;)

And...as far as being uninspired, being faithful in the Word ALWAYS gives me stuff to talk about, or listening to edifying music.

*hugs* Thanks for being honest about you downfalls and continuously sharing with us!

Hope you stayed safe in the storm!

Morgan said...

You are an amazing writer, and no matter how many followers or comments you get, you will STILL be an amazing writer. You should be completely satisfied with this post!!! This is one of my new favorites! I have SUCH a hard time praying for anything! I'll start thinking about something else while I'm praying, and then that will make me think of something else, and so on. Then 30 min. later I have to backtrack to remember what I was praying for in the first place! A way that helps me with that is writing my prayers out, or writing out prayer requests, and I pray for the person and the need while I'm writing it out.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you arent the only one, myself included who tends to pray for themselves more than others. :( I have been convicted of this more that once, it helps to have it written down. I love the verse you found! Great post. Dont give up on blogging-even if one person reads and is encouraged, it is worth it. Definitely. :)


Anonymous said...

Wow, this is an awesome blog for Christ! (I found you through Ashley's Striving For A Crown.) I could definitely relate to this post as I've been realizing lately that I'll often say "Oh I'll pray for you" and then I never do. And I find that I also pray for myself way more than anyone else! It's easy to shrug off praying so thank you for writing such an inspiring post on this powerful subject!

In Christ,

I_like_chia_pets said...

This is truely inspiring and I struggle deepy with this issue... Especially when I close my eyes to pray. One minute I'm saying dear God then I am thinking about the ocean. Thank you for showing me I'm not the only one.