Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Eye Of The Beholder

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." However, what we see may deceive us; the skin may be deceptive. But there has to be one truth, right? One beauty? It can't just be a jumble of perceptions. So what really exists out there, beyond what we can see? We are so dependent on the surfaces of what we see. All we care about is appearances and perceptions. But what if we could see past the skin of this world? What if we could see past each other's skin and into the heart? If we could see beyond all the outward looks and glimpse the character, quality, heart, and the morality of the person, then we would see the true nature of the person. 

Beauty, then, is not in the eye of any human beholder. So, then, where is it found? True beauty, the beauty worth chasing after, is in the heart, just as true ugliness, the ugliness worth running from, is in the heart. It is all about the heart. The world judges by outward beauty, but perceptions can change. What is beautiful can be made ugly. But God judges by a man's heart, his soul, the pith of a man. The only perception that matters is God’s, because His opinion is ultimate truth. God sees all things. He will shine light on the dark and reveal all things kept secret, including the true quality of the human heart. He is the only One worth impressing.

It makes me wonder. Who is really beautiful and who is not? How can one group of people look at the world and see one thing, and another looks at the same thing and sees something completely different? One sees beauty and responds with admiration; another sees ugliness and responds with distaste. The truth is, we are either beautiful or ugly inside. There is no middle line. We are either chosen by God and made beautiful, or refuse God's love and remain ugly. 

This is an old article I wrote in writing class. I made some slight changes. Please don't withhold any opinions, negative or positive!

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