Friday, September 10, 2010

"To Save A Life" Aftermath

My church is showing the movie To Save A Life. We showed it tonight, and will show it again tomorrow night. The movie was targeted for today's generation of youth. It deals with many heavy topics, from cutting, teenage sex and pregnancy, adultery, bullying, alcohol, teen suicide, and hypocrisy. I have seen the movie eight times now. This movie never fails to make me feel numb at the end.

Anyway, tonight, after showing the movie, my youth pastor explained to the audience what the Gospel was really about. He asked anyone who wanted to make their lives right to go to one of the counselors in the back. It is important to add that I was a counselor. About eight people stood and walked toward us. One guy walked right up to me. I recognized him as a teenage guy who was from the Methodist church next door. I had talked with him about Christianity before, and knew he didn't really "get it" even though he claimed to. So he and I went into a side room, and he explained that he wanted to start treating people better and let God change him. How cool is that! I told him that a prayer wouldn't change anything, in the sense that a simple prayer won't give him entrance to heaven, but I explained that asking God for help to change is where to start. So right there, he prayed that. Again, how cool is that! Even though I've been a Christian since I was nine years, I had never led anyone to Christ. But this guy came up to me out of twenty counselors. Can anyone say "God thing"?


Jim H said...

That is awesome! waiting to hear what happens after tonight's showing. As our youth minister says "You just have to keep putting Jesus in front of people"

Ashley said...

*Is relieved* I'm so glad you didn't walk Him through a sinners prayer. I am anti-sinners prayer. NOT because God can't use it (I became a Christian through the sinners prayer) but because I believe it can be a basis for false assurance (putting hope of heaven in those magic words and not what Christ has done).

THAT IS SO AWESOME!! I REJOICE WITH YOU!! I'm going to pray right now that this young man will continue in the faith! I'm so happy that God was able to sue you in that way as well.

Make sure you keep in touch with him-you could be the only person he really knows to talk to (of course I don't know his situation, but it's good to follow those things up).

LoVizzle said...

I share your opinion on the sinner's prayer. I disagree with the theological foundation of the idea behind the prayer.

The good news is this young man lives with his youth pastor. His youth pastor told me that the young man had a very rough home life. I assume (okay, calling him "young man" is getting old; his name is Chris) Chris moved in to get away from his family. This is pure speculation though.

And please pray for him! I have his number and will do my best to keep in touch.