Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Feed The Machine

Yesterday, popular Christian rock band Red released their highly anticipated third album Until We Have Faces. The theme of the album title is finding your identity.The first song of the album, Feed the Machine, is a song riddled with twisted irony. It's about a person who directs all energy towards fitting in with society, but ends up depressed and desperate. The song talks about how striving to fit in or to be cool leaves you dry, desensitized, and internally dead.

My favorite part of the song (besides when Barnes screams Wake up! repeatedly) are the introductions to the choruses. Lead singer Michael Barnes sings, "You need the danger just to feel your heart beat, you need to die just to find your identity, you need the knife just to know that you can bleed, you need the pain now just to feel anything... you need another death just to save a life, you need a master just so you can beg, you need a light just because you're afraid, now bow and learn to be a good slave."

Today, most teenagers are living to be popular. The popular kids tend to have the latest things. Students want the latest iPhone, the newest Mac, the best car, the latest fashion fad. We want nothing more than to be popular, for people to want to hang out with us and be our friends. The "machine" in the song is the trap of selfish materialism and egotistical narcissism. It's time to wake up and kill the machine. It's time to rise about the knife and adrenaline rush of crime. It's time to find indentity in Christ so pain isn't required to feel anything. It's time to walk away from masters and serve the King. We'll be nameless, we'll be hopeless, until we have faces. Find your face, find your identity in Christ and not the machine.

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