Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Songs- Already Over

(Post 2 in a series on songs)

Already Over by RED

A few years ago, I stumbled across this song. At first, I did not fully understand what the lyrics meant. I wasn't sure what was "already over" nor what he was reaching for. After listening to it a couple times, an idea popped into my head. Perhaps the song meant that life in itself was already over; Jesus had already died, thus  Lucifer's hope to be better than God was firmly destroyed and the gap between humanity and God was bridged. The end of the times we live in has been predicted and everything is set. We're just waiting out the clock for time to end. For those who don't know, when time ends, the followers of Jesus will live with Him in eternal bliss forever, and everyone else will suffer incomprehensibly forever. So, in my mind, the time we have can be used to literally do anything for God. We truly don't have to worry about anything since it's already over and God's sealed the deal.

In the music video, I love the portrayal between light and dark. The vines in the video, which represent sin, remind me of comic book character Venom. I'm reminded of of Spider-Man 3 when Peter Parker becomes possessed by the black, tar-ish alien substance that mutates his attitude and suffocates his good qualities. The same thing happens here, except that lead singer Mike Barnes is trying to reach the woman in the adjacent room, but is stopped by the black vines. However, the light prevails and destroys all the evil in the room. At the end, the two are surrounded by stark whiteness. To some degree, I think the end of the world will be like this. In addition, Red shows the fact that no matter how strong sin or temptation or evil feels, it is always weaker than the love of Jesus, the Light of the world. No matter what, as long as we hang on to Jesus, we make not make it though our problems in one piece, or even alive, but we'll still have Jesus.


thedudewholikescake said...

OH Yeah!

kay lo said...

Okay, well unfortunately I can't watch this video, but I know what you're talking about! And the crazy thing is, I use the same comparison with Spiderman 3 all the time! Now am I saying it's a "Christian movie"?? Absolutely not, lol. But I do think there are some great points to take away from the venom side of the movie. The day I saw it in theaters, Mrs. Jennifer McDonald was there and afterwards we all spoke about the things we picked up on.

One of the biggest things to take notice of was what the professor said after studying a sample of it. First of all, he said that it thrives on a host--as does sin. But the biggest statement he made was, "Don't let any of this get on you. It seems to have a tendency to bind, and once it binds, it's very difficult to unbind." Is that not sin? It's easy to get caught up in the things of this world, but VERY difficult to get out at times.

Throughout the movie you can also see that Peter is most likely to turn to the black suit when he longs for immediate strength and power for tackling an act of vengence against the Sandman.. Yes, the devil is good. He does have a power of his own. But why do we so quickly forget that God has a power much greater than anything the devil has to offer?

Now let's look at what happens over the time of using the black suit: At first it starts out as nothing more but for vengence of what I'm sure Peter thought to be a good cause in defending his departed uncle. Yet after a while, it starts controlling his actions not only as Spiderman, but as Peter.. He uses his sinful, develish was in lying, seduction, abuse, etc.. I think the writers did an excelent job in showing how what I refer to as "sin" took over..

But then we have out breaking point.. We get so entangled in sin, that it takes a bomb for us to wake up and realize what we're doing. And although the mental decision of wanting to change occurred immediately after hitting MJ, the mental decision wasn't what made his suit majically fall off. It took much more than that. We saw him literally fighting with the sin. It sort-of reminds me of Jacob restling all night with the angel for peace. Idk about anyone else that might read this, but my salvation didn't come easy. There were times when the conviction was so strong and deep within, that I wished there was a way to tear my soul out of my body just for relief. I was wrestling within with my sins..

That was the turning point for Peter, but what happened after that? The venom STILL attached him..but through someone else. Sadly, there are times that even after we have been saved or overcome a sinful struggle, that we are still attached by the same sin that we used to be a part of. Our past sins still visit us somtimes..even if we have repented. David still had to lose his son, and Peter still had to pay up a little bit more punishment from his past sin before everything was settled..

And in the end, Peter knew that the problem was in the suit (sin),...not in the person. Yet when it was time to abolish the sin, Broch chose to be with it.. and "The wages of sin ARE death"...

Sigh.. and to think I could have gone into more detail! The stuff we pick up from Spiderman is near ridiculous, lol.. Oh well.. At least that thought was good.. haha :]

kay lo said...

Crud! I accidentally posted it twice again and there's no little magical trash can for me to delete it! :P

kay lo said...

Nvm, it appeared :)