Monday, August 23, 2010

Evaluate Your Main Goal In Life

What is it? What's your holy ambition? If you didn't understand what John Piper was saying, I'll give you two examples. First, my friend David. His holy ambition, as I have come to understand, is evangelism. In many conversations, he has stated, "I love evangelism because the other people I help lead to Christ are the only things I can take with me to heaven." Championships, scholarships, money, fame, fortune, girlfriends, houses, jobs, and accomplishments will all stay on earth when we die. Nothing goes with us except our souls, and the souls of which we were partially responsible for their acceptance of Jesus' gift of salvation.

Second, myself. My "big burn", or holy ambition, are martyrs. Stories of martyrdom changed my life. Through the example martyrs have set and are setting, I came to realize Christianity is more than "accepting Jesus into our hearts" or "the ABC's of becoming a Christian." Christianity is more than living a good life for Jesus. It's more than being a great guy or a morally founded woman. It's more than being a pastor or exceptional speaker or music leader or whatever. It's about what you're willing to give up for Jesus. It's about why you want (or need) Jesus. It's about how you're living. It's about whether or not you would die for Him. Bottom line: if you won't die for Jesus, you aren't living for Him.

So what is your ambition? Is it your church? Is it mentorship? Is it writing Christian fiction? Is it about being an  American politician for Jesus? Is it about being an apologist or evangelist by profession? As teenagers, we are really young adults. Thus we are adults. So we have to put childish things behind us. We have to put childish mindsets, attitudes, behaviors, actions, belief systems behind us. We must leave our dolls and toys behind. They're childish. No more tea-time with Molly; no more cops-and-robbers with the neighborhood kids. Take action. Spend your time for Jesus. Answer the calling for a higher life, a better life. Do hard things and live for God.