Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ode To A Friend

July 13th was my friend David's 16th birthday. We were at Life Action family camp, and celebrated there with this extreme chocolate cake that blew my taste buds away. Last night, some friends gathered at his house and I had a blast playing Sardines in the saturated heat, eating his grandmother's wonderful cake, and talking with friends I haven't seen since graduation in May. Anyway, the man of the hour turned 16, and I just want to say thanks to him for being my friend. Together, we're sort of like amazing best friends, and we've been inseparable for the past 18 months. Before our friendship, neither of us had a good friend and were lonely. But upon meeting each other, we've both been able to have a lot of fun in life and share a special friendship. We go to the same church and school, and our families are very close. Through our friendship, I've been able to be held accountable, grow in my maturity, and learn many things from his wisdom, but above all, I can face challenges in life with a friend beside me. So thanks buddy!

PS, revive your blog already and start reading mine, buddy :)


David Theman Geofferson said...

Wow... That was really nice. A very well written ode as well. Thanks buddy, and yes, I will get my blog back in order and read yours:)

kay lo said...

awwwwwwwwwww! Now I'm all for the spiritual uplifting posts and all, but this is just such a sweet one that I had to comment. :) And sorry I couoldn't come once again. But I was pretty gross after the day at the fair, and quite honestly, cranky with a headache too. :P But I think this is very thoughtful of you LoVizzle. Way to go!