Sunday, August 15, 2010


I have watched the meteor shower some this past week. I enjoy sitting on the patio roof outside my window and watching the dark skies and twinkling stars. Occasionally, I'll glimpse a shooting star and make a wish. I have seen the four Passion Talk Series videos, two of which speaker Louie Giglio talks about the stars and universe in relation to God. For those haven't seen these video recorded sermons, I highly recommend them.

One night last week, as I was laying under the stars and thinking about how small they seem, the thought struck me that I was looking at the beginning of infinity. The universe is boundless, and we have our own viewing portal to see into it: the sky. Think about it, without the sky, we would be living underground with no hope of ever seeing anything but earth and dirt. Anyway, I marveled at the size and significance the universe. It says in Scripture that God measures the span of the universe in his hand. How insane and indescribable is that! My God  doesn't hold the whole world in his hand. This isn't a nursery rhyme. God holds the whole universe in his hands! This makes me feel silly anytime I question whether or not God can really help me or that he cares about me. If he has named each and every star (Psalms 147:4-5), it makes sense that he cares intimately about each and every one of us.

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