Saturday, August 28, 2010

Everything Is For God

It was not until the first of this year when I became a strong Christian. That is when all the seeds planted early in my life finally sprouted and my spiritual growth rocketed. Since then, I have found that it is so much easier when you do things for God. When I am doing some random, mundane house chore, I think of it like this: This person, who is in charge of me, asked me to do this, and I'm a godly Christian, so I should obey this person's commands just as if Jesus suddenly appeared and commanded me to do the very same thing.

In the end, we have to do everything for God. Paul taught that we should see every little thing we do as an opportunity to glorify God or proclaim His name. For example, I enjoy prayer. Sometimes I pray when I take out the trash. As I roll the giant blue trash can to the street late at night, I'll look up at the stars and say, "Wow. I wonder what it would have been like to watch you breathe those stars into existance God. The Psalmist said you breathe stars. How cool is that, God! Man, you're so great, God. Thanks for everything." I pray those short prayers all the time. Somehow, in some way, these little prayers elate you in the slightest of ways. Essentially, prayers like this make me feel good and momentarily return my focus to God. I'm not sure why something so insignificant can make such a difference. Perhaps it is because using our time to praise God makes life wonderful.

Live for God in all you do, and life becomes easier to enjoy. It becomes fuller. It becomes, if possible, a little bit more like heaven.

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Jim H said...

Good perspective and a good reminder when "life" gets full